Casco Cuoio Modello 1932

Leather Helmet Model 1932

The Casco Cuoio Modello 1932 (Leather Helmet Model 1932) presented in Circular N. 231 of the Giornale Militare Ufficiale of 1932 is originally only intended for armored vehicle crews, but is in fact also widely used by motorcyclists.

The Leather Helmet Model 1932 consists of a cardboard deep dome with a circular band of vulcanized fiber and a bumper strip of felt or pressed horsehair all covered in sheepskin leather tanned dark brown (first production series) or black. Sheepskin leather is intended to help in retardation of the flames.
At the rear there is a sheepskin leather neck-flap which extends backwards to the ears. The neck-flap protects the wearer against the wind and rain. Above the crown padding on each side there is a metal gauze-covered air-hole.

The Leather Helmet Model 1932 is internally equipped with a double liner made of sheepskin leather in an ocher color above an underlying layer of felt. The liner is equipped with an adjustable leather cord. Two leather sections with integral ear-flaps, of which the one at the left has a leather strap and a metal buckle and the one at the right five holes, secure the Leather Helmet Model 1932 around the chin.

The Leather Helmet Model 1932 is produced in eight sizes.

Bersaglieri attached to armored formations wear the traditional cockerel feather plume on the Leather Helmet Model 1932.

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Casco Cuoio Modello 1932