Pugnali e testa d’aquila della Gioventu' Italiana del Littorio

Eagle Head Daggers of the Gioventu' Italiana del Littorio

There is a lot of controversy about these types of daggers, in all its forms, in the Italian collector world.
There are two movements. The first movement has the opinion that these daggers were manufactured in 1944 (especially in Naples) using old stocks of Regia Marina and Regia Aeronautica decorative swords and newly manufactured parts. The reason for this production was the huge demand for Fascist daggers by American soldiers, which at that time were stationed in that region.
The second movement believes that these daggers are officially produced prior the Italian capitulation on the 8th of September 1943, but were never issued.
Both movements however agree that these daggers have a unique place in Italian war time production.

Pugnali e coltelli Italiani, militari e di partito, 1916-1989; Cesare Calamandrei; 1990

Pugnali e testa d’aquila della Gioventu' Italiana del Littorio
This example is called the F. Horster type, named after the maker mark on the blade. F. Horster (not to be confused with the better known E & F Horster) produced swords for the Italian army. The maker mark on the blade of the dagger does not correspond to those on the swords. The use of recycled sword blades seems therefore not the case. The quality of the dagger is low, so a complete production in Solingen is considered unlikely. The blade is in all probability imported, while the dagger is assembled in Italy. The eagle head is specially manufactured for this dagger.
According to both movements this dagger is produced either for the G.I.’s or the Gioventu' Italiana del Littorio during the war.