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Firefox slow while ing

Firefox slow while ing

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25 Jul For some reason my Firefox starts to run very slowly after a day or two. Switching between tabs takes a long time. Entering text in a search field. 20 Apr When scrolling or typing in text fields, firefox will freeze up for a can fix many issues by restoring Firefox to its factory default state while saving. 20 Feb I've updated to Firefox 58 yesterday and it has made my machine unusable. Tabs freeze, I can't scroll, I can't type (even while trying to type this.

I haven't looked in detail here, but a few things I noticed while tweaking the .. frames that need to reflow their children, like flex and grid, cc'ing mats for that. (note to self: might be related to bug / bug , although the timeframe is somewhat off there (landed in 32)) .. done this, and then hangs or does something that can be slow (like disk I/O), . Re-needinfo'ing per comment # 8 Jun It will be the first version of Firefox to feature a new multi-process feature So Mozilla is taking things slow during the launch of Firefox 48 to.

13 Nov The company has been slow to fully adopt multi-process architecture. Mozilla says the browser is twice as fast as it was a year ago, while. 21 Jul You had all that in the old Opera browser, but people liked slower and .. If I see a tab open that I haven't looked at in a while, I try to make the effort bookmarks and I've been blindly Ctrl-D-ing since time immemorial, only. Most of us are on flights today, hence the slow response, but I want to clarify two things: 1. . I cannot recommend Firefox while idiotic stunts like this are institutionally [1] work gives me a Chrome OS laptop, and I find the lock-in of sync-ing. WikiPedia's article about Firefox provides a nice overview, product history, and useful for removing slow-to-load and distracting ads from pages you frequently visit. . THAT is your retarded browser that "works just fine" while "requir[ing] no. 16 Sep Firefox is slow, Lodash is fast. Swizec Teller Firefox is the only browser that decides something weird is going on and throws a warning. Everyone else . of Minimal What I learned while 6x-ing my income in 4 years.

The downsides are that Firefox has slower startup times (because Chrome is has end-to-end encryption when syncing across devices while Firefox doesn't. /13 – The project mandate of Firefox OS was to get our foot in the door of the mobile handset market while Firefox OS enjoyed a price/performance advantage Subsequent releases made minor improvements, but were too slow in attempt to embrace the long tail by " maxmiz[ing] compatibility with available web. 26 Sep Firefox Quantum beta is also available for Android and iOS. Firefox Quantum should use less RAM than earlier versions, while still loading. 20 Jul Mozilla plans a campaign to stop or slow desertions from Firefox to to launch Firefox simultaneously with Windows 10, although it could come close. is a great browser for Windows 10 users" rather than "sell[ing] ourselves.